My Blog Post 1

Hi Everyone!

I want to tell you about one of my services, a client came to visit me from Fife in Scotland. This is very far away so I booked a hotel very close to the station sending the booking confirmation to him so when he arrived he literally walked across the road and booked into the hotel .

He had travelled 5 hours on the train to see me so this was the very least I could do . I may not tour but I do all I can to make it easy for my far away fans to see me !

I picked him up in the Merc and put the roof down and his hand up my dress to confirm I was not wearing any knickers , with the wind blowing through our hair and my Pussy lips getting gently fondled I whisked us back to the shag pad .

The roof takes a minute to go back into place and I took his fingers and licked them smelling my sexy Pussy , his cock was ofcourse making itself known , he had to adjust his sitting position to accommodate the bulge . Cruel that I am I needed to touch it very gently through the material of his jeans . I say cruel because I knew he wanted me to get his Cock as far down my throat as is humanly possible , but for now I just stroked his aching length whilst kissing him, licking is lips with my sexy tongue then connecting it with his.

The seat of the Merc was getting wet my Pussy was starting to drip so before leaving the car I , leaned back , thrust my hips up and put all four fingers between those swollen lips and deep into the cavernous cuntella beyond . Fingers in, push deep ..... remove fingers, cup the juice in the palm of my hand then feed it all into his willing mouth. All this before we left the car!

On the way up the stairs to my place I lifted my dress way up above my Huge tits and let him push me against the wall so he could  feel himself against my almost naked body, the Pussy juice was now running down the inside of my legs, making drip marks on the carpet, I turned around and pushed my ass into his crotch so he could reach around and feel those magnificent 32hhs. I gave him a minute or 2 then lead him into my apartment where so much more sexy ness happened.


Later that eve I dropped him off at the hotel I had booked and paid for, and the next Morning he caught the train back home .

So how ever far away you are maybe I can help you get to see me?

Loads of love and deep french sexy kisses