My Blog post 2

Hi Everyone!

So today is the day when my Porn Star career takes off, my Fake Taxi debut is released today title is ‘‘Huge Pussy Lips Hang Over Big Dick’ so check it out !

When I did this scene the taxi became more like a life boat I gushed sooooooooo much!

My train was cancelled and I needed to get to MK for an urgent meeting , having no money just a redundant first class ticket from Euston what option did I have but to let that filthy Taxi Driver have his wicked way with all my holes ! He took my arse with great delight and I loved it so much I soaked him, the Taxi and surrounding districts!!!

So 12th August I’m doing Seths BnB , Wales is going to experience the Nicole DuPapillon sensation! I cannot wait! Sexy French maid and Female guest with the huge pussy lips will be stealing the limelight from Seth’s huge member! If you see the preview to my Fake Taxi adventure you will see why Seth has warned the Met Office ‘Tsunami'.