My Blog post 3

Hi Everyone!

Just keeping you up to date with my recent adventures in the Adult Entertainment Industry!

I recently worked with a great producer/director Rock Charogne, I starred alongside actor and all round great guy Billy King.

The scenario was simple, Billy became Father King from the local monastery, knocking at doors collecting for ‘Fallen women’, a very worthy cause I’m sure you’ll agree. I played a sexy housewife answering the door in nothing but red underwear, stockings and heels. Father King gets invited in while I look for some change to put into his collection. He’s on the sofa while I’m bending over giving him a glimpse of what might be on the menu and it’s not long before Father Kings tongue is as far up my sexy arse as is humanly possible. I feign surprise but all I want to do is get this prudish Man desperate to fuck me, I kneel before him and get the whole length of his Cock down my throat his balls resting on my chin and Father King cannot help but try and push me further on to his rigid member by grabbing my hair and pulling me into his groin. Face fucking always makes my pussy wet so I reached down caught some pussy juice and the minute he released me I dripped it off my fingers into his cock .I proceeded to raise my fingers to his mouth so he could taste my sweet juices while I suckled more on his pre cum and my pussy juices .

Anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact I squirt for Europe so before long Father King could not resist my sweet nectar, so he turns me round, sits me on the sofa , one hand pushing me back one hand already parting my abundance of pussy lips to reveal a sopping wet pussy begging to be fingered and fucked! Fingers first, men of the cloth have some self-restraint it seems and encouraging huge waves of gush was a gentle pre curser to the pounding I got soon after.

Throughout all this we had no less than 3 camera men following mine and Billy’s sordid play while Rock looked on with a professional eye.

I was focused though, the hornyness distracted me from the audience, I wanted to be taken and I wanted to do some pounding myself I climbed aboard and cowgirled myself into a frenzy of cum and gush that must have gone some way to reconciling this years drought! The rug was wet the sofa was damp ,but the pile driver was the move that Father King pulled out of  his cassock to beat all positions so far , Fuuuuuuck that was deep! And the gush exploded all over me! I was covered in my own sexy juices.

All I needed was spunk now so missionary, clearly a Father King fave, was going to inspire that , legs behind my ears Father Kings body weight held me down while he gave me what for in no uncertain terms , the cadence was rapid I knew he was close the cameras got closer and Father King withdrew and exploded all over my huge lips ......’Hold it’ click click click ‘And we are done !’